Volunteering e-books

Bibliotheca Septentrionalis, an XIX, nr. 1(36)/2011


Appealing to Experience:  Zeroing in on the Right Message
From Experience Corps, this 44-page booklet discusses how to recruit seniors into volunteering (2005).

Doing Good Well:  Engaging Ad Hoc Volunteers, from the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Singapore (2008, 40-pg PDF)

Turn Your Organisation into a Volunteer Magnet, 2nd ed.
Edited by Andy Fryar, Rob Jackson, and Fraser Dyer (2007, 204 pp.)
Essays from contributing volunteer managers around the world on attracting the best and most diverse volunteers and then working with them successfully.

For a complete discussion of the role of a volunteer center and how to plan strategically for one, download the FREE electronic book, Volunteer Centers: Gearing Up for the 1990s by Susan J. Ellis. When the United Way of America let this 97-page book go out of print, Susan received permission to make it available online free of charge. Despite the dated title, the material is still very pertinent today for anyone starting or re-assessing a volunteer center.

A Sustainable Funding Framework for Volunteer Centres by the Northampton Volunteering Centre working in partnership with Volunteering England (2006, 74-pages)

Facilitated Discussions:  A Volunteer Management Workbook, guide from Volunteer Canada on how to consult stakeholders in the development, design, delivery or review of service and programs (37-pg. PDF)

How to Run a Workshop, by Maeve Moynihan, Jean-Jaques Guilbert, Bryan Walker, and Adi Walker of Network Learning. This 35-page manual guides activists through the decision-making and action procedures of running a workshop. It includes planning the workshop content, planning the administration and facilitating and running the workshop. (PDF)

Marketing and Recruiting Volunteers, by Monika Penner on Charity Village

Rethinking Volunteer Engagement, from Volunteer Canada

Tips for defining volunteer positions from the Volunteer Center of Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, CA

Volunteer Coordination: Strategies for Success by Mark J. Hurley, Illinois Parks & Recreation

What’s in a Name? from A People Lens: 101 Ways to Move Your Organization Forward

Bridging the Digital Divide – Connecting Volunteers
Short handbook developed for volunteers in Brazilian charities in Sao Paulo providing basic, practical information for making the most of e-mail and the Internet in their service.  Available in English and Portugese versions.

Inspiring Volunteers:  A Guide to Recruitment and Communications, from MediaTrust and i-volunteer (UK), emphasizing social media (2010, 76 pg.PDF)

The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook (pdf file): How to Apply the Principles of Real-World Volunteer Management to Online Service by Susan J. Ellis and Jayne Cravens. Comprehensive look at how to develop and manage an online volunteer program.

Volunteering in the Information Society
Report by Manuel Acevedo on worldwide involvement of volunteers in information and communications technology (ICT), especially related to human development. (October 2005)

Working with Technical Volunteers: A Manual for NPOs
TechSoup Global handbook for recruiting, matching and managing technical volunteers, particular for assignments in Web design. The 60-page handbook is available as both a Microsoft Word document and as a PDF.  Rev. 2009.

Youth as E-Citizens Report
Report by American University’s Center for Social Media (155-pages, 2004) about how an online youth civic culture, largely unnoticed by the general public, has taken root on the Internet and is fostering Generation Y’s participation in U.S. politics and community affairs.


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